Video Surveillance

Specialists of our company have accumulated unique experience in building large-scale video surveillance systems on the objects of national corporate retail networks, banks, casinos, warehouses, business centers. The recipe for success is simple: the high-quality equipment of leading world manufacturers plus professionalism at the performance of works on the installation of systems of video observation. This is confirmed by an extensive collection of video materials about violations recorded by our installations: from car accidents to theft and hooliganism. The video systems we create work for your safety.

CCTV systems have long been transformed from “luxury goods” into an unchangeable attribute of any structure that cares about its own security. The cause of many problems in security, trade, warehousing, in production and simply in normal office life is the human factor. Only video surveillance can help to prevent and understand these problems. Video cameras shoot impartially, and modern digital video recording systems record everything that happens in a controlled area. The system is mounted openly. In this case, the placement of information on video surveillance prevents the commission of reckless actions by staff and visitors.

In fact, video surveillance can be used in all areas of security and commercial activities. Modern equipment of video surveillance systems allows to adjust the system to any needs and requirements and allows you to perform tasks at a high professional level.
How does it work?
The simplest CCTV system consists of one or more video cameras that transmit the video signal over a cable to a recorder – a recording device that records, accumulates, searches and displays the image received from the cameras.
The development of modern technologies has made it possible to develop and improve this branch of security systems. Today there are a large number of varieties and types of video systems, which makes it possible, depending on the specific goals and objectives to apply a particular type of video surveillance with a maximum effect.

CCTV Installation

The quality of a video system and the final effect of its use do not depend solely on the quality of the equipment used. It is important to place video cameras correctly, taking into account the numerous parameters of professional equipment, the features of the protected area and the goals set.

The design, selection of equipment and installation of video surveillance systems should be addressed by professionals with experience in equipping facilities with engineering and technical means of security.

Our company has many years of experience in implementing security systems in large commercial enterprises, retail chains, departmental facilities, banks, especially important facilities and public complexes. We have been working in this direction for 10 years already. The result – a lot of recorded facts of theft, theft and illegal actions, in which our customers, thanks to the established video surveillance system were able to return stolen goods and material values, prevent accidents and preserve their property.