Security of Events

We provide a full range of physical security services for public events: concerts, exhibitions, celebrations, briefings, conferences, banquets, etc. Employees of our agency have versatile experience in organizing and controlling the security of large-scale public events involving a large number of visitors.

Participatory events require coordination, visitor control and involve a high risk of emergency situations that could jeopardize the event itself, as well as damage to the organizers and endanger the health of visitors. This can be prevented by specially trained security personnel, who will be responsible for coordinating people, controlling authorized entrances, face monitoring and acting quickly to respond to and locate emergency situations.

Why us?

Our company ensures the security of Depot chain of shopping and entertainment complexes, where security officers perform not only their direct tasks of physical security of the objects but also a number of organizational measures related to the control and coordination of visitors, administrative actions, delegation support, control of mass promotional programs, drawing of prizes, control actions on skating rinks, attractions, water parks, cinemas, control and registration of vehicles and parking lots of shopping and entertainment centers.

Separate universal security teams are responsible for each sector of the complex, which can perform any of the tasks described above. They are managed by an operational surveillance center equipped with advanced security equipment. In the event of emergency situations (fights, sabotage, vandalism, scandal), there is a rapid response team capable of immediately arriving at the scene of conflict and eliminating it.

All these actions, reasonable tactical decisions, and professionalism allow us to perform the most complex tasks at a high professional level.