The Casino Guard Told us About His Work.

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Reddit has once again pleased us with interesting content. This time, the guard of one of the casinos, which he did not name in order to maintain anonymity (but he did send some data to moderators), answered questions from users of this foreign site. Here you can also read about how the guard works in an American casino.

The activity of any gambling establishment is accompanied by a large flow of visitors and large money turnover. We can say that part of the success and effective functioning of gambling business depends on a properly built concept of security system.

Casino security – an integral system, a set of measures aimed at ensuring the safety of ground gaming enterprises. The structure of protection of casinos includes a list of specific units of different specializations:

  • Physical security of the entire territory of the gambling establishment;
  • comprehensive security of gaming halls;
  • individual protection of certain customers (VIP);
  • technical tools for the protection of a gambling house, the entire territory, parking lots;
  • uninterrupted video system to control all gambling processes.

Unfortunately, the risks in the casino are quite high. As a rule, this:

  • fraudulent and illegal actions by certain players;
  • theft of property from land businesses;
  • vandalism;
  • fraud on the part of casino staff;
  • disorderly conduct and the emergence of conflict situations.

All of the above factors are the cause of significant losses for the casino, which may adversely affect its image, reputation and financial condition.

Casino Guard

How quickly does a security guard react to an incident at a casino?

In my casino, you can get around all the premises in 120 seconds, except for parking. If certain codes are listed on the radio (fights, theft, fires, and health problems; we’ve had first aid courses), we must run to the scene as quickly as possible. Generally, a few guards are pulled to the scene within 10 seconds.

What was the biggest amount of cash you saw?

The main vault has about $5-20 million in it, but I have never had much desire to take it.

Suppose someone robbed me in your parking lot. Will you help me punch him in the face or is it in the hands of the police?

We’ll try to do our best to keep the offender from leaving. But if he manages to slip away, it’s in the hands of the police, of course.

Do you have to look for people who count cards or do something dishonest?

Dealers and pit bosses are more trained in this business, but sometimes I have to do it too. Usually I’m at the tables, looking for certain patterns. I also try to keep track of people who throw in large amounts of money in short periods of time (such characters can launder money).

What’s the worst thing you saw at the casino?

There was a woman who thought shitting herself was a good way to lure happiness before going to the slots. She did it repeatedly and she felt no shame at all! But we could smell it…

Do you get any bonuses from being a casino security guard?

Bonuses? I manage to watch various shows for free if I work during them. Sometimes I’ve seen low-caliber celebrities. It’s also good to know that I don’t have to smile all the time, and I don’t have to delight visitors as a service staff. I’m a security guard after all.

How did you get to work? Were there any special conditions?

I received special training in self-defense. Same as the police. Also, they checked me for wrongdoing and did three interviews. I’m fat enough myself. When I’m 178 centimeters tall, I weigh 122 pounds, but I’m still looking solid.

How often do people try to use dishonest techniques?

I’ve been working in the same place for six months now, and during that time I’ve personally seen about ten people caught doing dirty work. I work 40 hours a week.

Sometimes it’s hard to prove a player was cheating. However, we catch such smart guys quickly enough, because we have surveillance systems at our disposal, and security and dealers were specially trained.

I read a lot of scary stories about how people who raised money in the casino, some lovers of easy money chased to cars and so on. It’s always on the close of my mind when I go to the casino. What is there to think about when you leave the casino with a lot of money?

Watch the people who watch you among the machines, who chase you 20 to 40 meters away…

Seriously, you can safely ask security to escort you. Usually we miss you, so it’s easy to agree to that. Some casinos tip you for that kind of service. Something like 1% of the money we’ve won. At least that’s what happens at our casino.

I’m sure you’ve seen Ocean’s Eleven Friends. Can you compare the security measures in the movie to the real ones?

I want to point out that in the movie, the security systems are weaker than the real ones. Every camera we have is worth $13,000, and it can see the license plate numbers in a few hundred steps.

How often does casino security beat someone up? How do you determine who just walks in and who counts the cards?

Never. I’m 99% sure it’s just a Hollywood thing.

There’s a certain, very specific pattern of bets when a person counts cards. We observe suspicious characters for hours and sometimes days to make sure that this pattern is really present, and their style of play cannot be linked to simple luck.

The most creative way to cheat that you’ve ever seen?

Nothing particularly interesting has ever happened. There was a guy who was telling old people he knew which machine would pay the money. He convinced them they’d have to pay him half if the advice was right. No risk, just earnings. Perhaps that’s the smartest deception I’ve ever seen in action.

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