Physical and technical security of the casino

Seciruty CCV

Casino of any level is always a combination of large cash flow and people. In the gaming business, success largely depends on a properly constructed security concept.

In essence, the security of casinos – a broad security structure, which includes units of different specializations.

Casino’s risks are high:

  • thefts
  • customer fraud
  • vandalism
  • staff fraud
  • conflict and disorderliness
  • robberies

All this brings tangible losses to the institution, its image and jeopardizes the profitability of the entire casino business. To prevent this, reduce the risks and damage can only a professional security agency, which has many years of experience in providing services in this area of business and the appropriate professional staff.

Technical security equipment

The casino is offered to be equipped with security systems:

  • intrusion protection
  • fire alarms
  • game-monitoring system
  • parking system
  • access control system

Security and fire alarm system

All rooms of the casino are equipped with a fire alarm system, the draft of which is approved by the state supervisory authorities.

The security alarm system may be equipped with the premises of the institution, safes, vaults, cashiers, etc. It is also possible to install remote buttons of the alarm system (KTS). In case of emergency, security officers can call the State Guard Service detention group, which arrives at the facility within 2-4 minutes.

CCTV system

Perimeter, parking lots, indoor casinos are equipped with video surveillance cameras. The gaming room is equipped with high-resolution video cameras, which allow us to clearly transmit colors (cards, roulette, etc.), as well as get a clear image, which is necessary to control the game processes.

In addition, to stationery, fixed video cameras provide for the installation of robotic, controlled, with which to quickly monitor the entire gaming room of the casino. The characteristics of this equipment allow you to quickly focus the camera on the desired object and if necessary to consider an object of 1X1mm.

The design of the operational surveillance center of the casino. This is a closed operating room, which brings together all the security systems and communications of the institution. A special place is occupied by racks monitoring and management of video surveillance systems. Video systems should be designed in such a way that the operator could with minimum time and effort to obtain video information of the required quality from anywhere in the casino gaming room.

Parking system

The parking system is a part of the casino access control system and consists of automatic barriers, control controllers and readers (if necessary, the system can be complemented by parking payment terminals). The key identifier is a contactless card. Such cards can be issued to regular casino clients or as one-time cards – for one visit.

With the help of the card, the driver of the car can pass to the parking area bringing it to the system reader without leaving the car. In this case, the access control system is recorded information: date, car number, photo, information about the client.

Access control system

The door leaves of входов\выходов are equipped with electromechanical locks in the casino’s service rooms, and full profile turnstiles or airlock cabins can be installed at the entrances of safe rooms or vaults. The equipment is connected to central access control and management system, which performs functions:

  • authorized access by casino staff to their workplaces
  • Recording and accumulating data on staff movements within the institution, indicating their exact location
  • timekeeping and reporting
  • remote control (блокировка\разблокировка) of all turnstiles and locks
  • fleet management

Physical Security

The main task of protecting the casino is to ensure the safety of life, the health of employees and customers, the integrity of the institution, the safety of material values and the financial assets of the casino.

The main emphasis is on the knowledge and control of casino life, orders, principles, and mechanisms of the game processes.

Security groups are divided by :
casino guards

  • casino security
  • security inside the gaming room (knowledge and control of game processes)
  • emergency response teams
  • operational surveillance center (control and coordination of all groups and technical means of security, monitoring of the object as a whole, video control of game processes)
  • cash collection, escort, and control
  • VIP – security, support of wealthy casino clients

For the normal functioning of any casino, an important condition is to ensure complete safety for its visitors. Before opening it will be necessary not only to choose reliable security guards, but also to equip the room with modern technical devices designed to ensure security (motion detectors, alarm sensors, video surveillance systems, etc.).

The entrance to the casino is equipped with metal detectors. Since only the casino gaming room is not limited, it is desirable to equip as many of the available rooms as possible with telephones and alarm buttons connected to the central security console. It is necessary to maximize automation of the entire security system, so you can avoid many unpleasant moments in the future work.

Video surveillance systems will allow you to monitor the situation at any point of the casino. Despite the fact that the video cameras are a security device, it is guarding their purpose in the casino is secondary. After reading the unique review, we can conclude that the honesty of the casino is extremely important for visitors. Therefore, video surveillance systems in gaming rooms should solve problems more complex than usual. They are required to constantly monitor the game in the room, so that with the help of the record can expose the possible dishonesty of all the people near the gaming table, that is, both visitors and staff. Sometimes it also happens that even honest players make mistakes for some reason. For example, they can claim their winnings, in fact, just by mixing up something. In such cases, the loyalty and trust of the client can be maintained by allowing him to verify the integrity of the casino by recording everything that happens.

In all casinos without exception, attempts at deception may be made. Sometimes fraudsters manage to get such amounts, which are many times higher than the possible cost of any security system. It is extremely important to take seriously the choice and installation of security equipment and to select qualified personnel.

It is recommended to install at least two cameras above each table, and fixed cameras are more preferable in this case, as only they can get a clear and continuous record of what is happening on a particular table. Rotary cameras have a greater overview function and require constant attention from the operator.

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